Gosport photos for sale
Gosport photos for sale

Ann Crombie Photos, Gosport, Hampshire

Welcome to Ann Crombie Photos. This collection of photographs is aimed to reflect an area very dear to my heart, both steeped in history and stunning natural beauty.

Being the fourth generation child of a Gosport based naval family, I have been very fortunate in being able to get to know the area so well.

My carefree childhood holidays were spent roaming and exploring Gilkicker, Stokes Bay and further west to Browndown.

As children we would happily set off for the day, only returning home when hungry or when darkness fell, whichever came first!

We would build dens in the elderberry bushes on the outer reaches of Stokes Bay Golf Course, or go tadpolling in the dykes, whilst suspended from the rickety wooden slats of the bridges.

We would clamber up the slopes of Gilkicker fort, only to race each other as we rolled down the slopes. We would sneak inside the forts in the strong belief that we would find underground tunnels and dungeons. In my adult years I discovered that the tunnels were for storing ammunition. latterly realised were for ammunitions storage.

In the photographic images I have attempted to combine the well-known landmarks with some less well-known 'hidden treasures'.

Sunsets viewed from the beaches can be spectacular. In my work I have attempted to capture the beauty and diversity of colour displayed at the end of the day when the sun dips down into the waters of the Solent.

The camera I have been using for years is my faithful and trusted simple Canon Digital IXUS 9515. I much prefer images as they are seen through the view finder!

Photographs of Historic Ships from my Family Archive

The selection of Royal Navy and Merchant Navy craft in the downloadable PDF file below may be of interest to maritime enthusiasts.

Both my Father and paternal Grandfather served as officers in the Royal Navy during the first part of the 20th Century; a period of rapid technological change and development. Some ships now had to be adapted to facilitate the launching of aircraft for instance.

Naturally, when possible and if security allowed, many men serving in the Royal Navy or Merchant Navy would take photographs of their beloved ships to show the folks back home. The style of camera was very often the ubiquitous 'Box Brownie' - a very affordable, basic instrument available to all.

The historic ships taken from the archive include HMS Ilex, HMS Hereward, HMS Devonshire, HMS Illustrious, HMS Renown, RMS Empress of Australia, SS Dorothea, Seaplanes and an antiquated version of an aircraft carrier at the moment unidentified.

Copies of these photographs are available in 7" x 5" format in an Antique White slip mount. £10 per photograph and mount plus p&p - see prices page.

View the Historic Ships

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Please do email or phone me if you would like further information about the photos I have for sale or if you would like to purchase any that you have seen on the website.

If you would like to buy any photos you need to email giving me the reference number/s that you can see beneath each photo, along with your name and contact details. Payment is taken via my PayPal account. You do not need your own PayPal account as you can pay with a debit or credit card straight to my account.

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